Having discovered your excellent firelighters during a visit to  relations in Dublin, I would now like to buy some more!   I live in  Dorset, UK.  Do you have anyone in the area that stocks them? 

Michael Graves

Hi I would like to order some waxies do you have a price list my uncle in Cobh gave me a present of two bags I never heard of them before they are amazing so clean can not go back to anything else so proud they are Irish made. Thank you !

Rose Moore

Dear Sir, Madam,

Well done on your new wax firelifghter. Just discovered them the other day out and about with my precious Mammy.
I got one bag for Mam and one for myself. Wishing you all roaring fire of success I will certainley put Waxies into my converstaion amongst my extended family and friends. Warm Regards!

Mrs Josephine Redmond